"From a sales perspective, the ability to apply material in new places is like getting a new piece of property" says Ben Weaver, owner of Weaver Media. The company that 3M hired to decorate Michigan International Speedway for the event. During an hour-long guided tour around the facility the track representatives were shown wrapped concrete pillars, sidewalk graphics, hanging mesh banners, track-level graphics and wrapped golf carts—there are usually more than 900 carts at any given race. They were impressed.

When you walk into a NASCAR facility there's just gray cinder block buildings, sidewalks and pavement everywhere," begins Taylor. "Michigan opened our eyes to things right in front of us. I had never seen a sidewalk graphic.
Taylor says that by advertising on existing space, rather than paying to build new trackside billboards signs each year, the tracks and partners can save a lot of money.

Digital Graphics, November 2007

Digital Graphics, Best Graphics of 2008
The Pit Terrace Suite at Michigan International Speedway recently underwent a complete renovation constrained by a very tight budget. Graphics help came from Weaver Media, LLC, a Walled Lake, Michigan Shop and involved covering counters and adding will murals with branding graphics. In all, 402 sq/ft of counter tops and cabinets were done as well as two 157 sq/ft wall murals. Materials used include an HP Scitex XLjet printer, XL 300 Supreme inks, counter tops were imaged using MACtac Digitrans with a 3M 8520 laminate, and wall murals were imaged on 3M ij-35 with 3M 8520 laminate.

Digital Graphics, Dec 2008

Digital Output
Weaver Media specializes in creating unique imaging applications inside event venues all over the U.S. by utilizing their current structure. The goal is to prevent clients from building something new just to service their sponsors. Instead they strive to use art that lends to the space. For example, a concrete column would be home to a giant Coca-Cola bottle adhesive graphic. Most of the applications are installed at venues including racetracks, hockey rinks, and collegiate sporting arenas.

Digital Output February 2008